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The Teacher Empowerment Summit is all about learning proven strategies to help teachers, administrators, and anyone who works in education to not just survive... but thrive!
Attendees will learn from 20+ experts including nationally recognized educators, high performing teachers, and school leaders, who will transform the way they think about schools.
What we offer attendees
Free Pass
  •  Access to each speaker session for 24 hours
All-Access Pass ($19 upgrade offer)
  •  On demand access to all video replays
  •  On demand access to downloadable audio (mp3)
  •  Action Guides
  •  Private Q&A
  •  Private FB group
  •  Access to upcoming events special offers
What Can I Earn?
The Teacher Empowerment Summit is a FREE event, but there are lots of opportunities for you to make money. You will be promoting something incredible valuable to your audience - and making money at the same time. It doesn't get much better than that!
How you will make money:
  •  30% commission on all purchases made by your referred Summit attendees.
  •  With your affiliate ID and sticky cookies, you can make commissions on future purchases from your referred customer.
  •  You will be exposed to a march larger audience of potential customers for your own business.
What's Expected From Speakers?
If you've been invited to join us then you've already done the hard part: 
becoming an expert who can improve the quality of teachers' lives.

The rest of the requirements are easy in comparison.
  •  Fill out a pre-interview Google Forms survey to help guide us
  •  Give a 30-60 minute interview in which you answer "What is the most empowering idea you believe all teachers should know?" along with some follow up questions we'll ask based on the pre-interview form. (You can also film this as a solo presentation if you prefer, and provide a 10-20 minute interview with us to add value.)
  •  Approve our one-page summary and action guide that we'll create from your video
  •  Promote the Summit through email and/or social media to your followers with your affiliate link (instructions will be provided).
How to have great success:
  •  Offer a great bonus for signing up through your link. It should be something relevant to the Teacher Empowerment Summit that will help your audience get the most out of the event.
  •  Publish on LinkedIn Pulse or blog at least once before the summit begins.
  •  Email at least two times before the summit begins.
  •  Email the day of the summit to remind anyone who was on the fence.
  •  Share on social media frequently! Post about speakers, topics, and what they can learn, etc. Keep the excitement and energy levels high - people want to be entertained and this event will absolutely be both fun and informative!
  •  Use the swipe copy and graphics provided for quick and easy promotions.
Commission Details
  •  Affiliate commission on all VIP Access passes are 40%  of net sales (gross sales - refunds = net sales)
  •  Commissions will be paid out 45 days after the end of a month in which a sale is made. So if someone buys an upgrade on March 1 you are paid on May 15th.
House rules
  •  No cash incentives
  •  No prizes that you have to buy or pay for
  •  No teaming up with others
  •  No cookie stuffing/cookie dropping
  •  No spamming
  •  You must not portray yourself as Teachers Starting Fires (TSF) in your marketing efforts, but make it clear that you're promoting the event as an affiliate partner.
  •  You can be disqualified from the affiliate program if you do not follow the above listed rules. When in doubt, ask!
Reach out to our affiliate manager, Austin Durr at:
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