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The Teacher Empowerment Summit, May 3rd - 5th, is all about learning proven strategies to help teachers, administrators, and anyone who works in education to not just survive... but thrive!
Attendees will learn from 20+ experts including nationally recognized educators, high performing teachers, and school leaders, who will transform the way they think about schools.
What we offer attendees
Free Pass
  •  Access to each speaker session for 24 hours
VIP Access ($47 upgrade offer)
  •  On demand access to all video replays
  •  On demand access to downloadable audio (mp3)
  •  Action Guides
  •  Private Q&A
  •  Private FB group
  •  Access to upcoming events special offers
What Can I Earn?
The Teacher Empowerment Summit is a FREE event, but there are lots of opportunities for you to make money. You will be promoting something incredible valuable to your audience - and making money at the same time. It doesn't get much better than that!
How you will make money:
  •  40% commission on all purchases made by your referred Summit attendees.
  •  With your affiliate ID and sticky cookies, you can make commissions on future purchases from your referred customer.
  •  You will be exposed to a march larger audience of potential customers for your own business.
What's Expected From Speakers?
If you've been invited to join us then you've already done the hard part: 
becoming an expert who can improve the quality of teachers' lives.

The rest of the requirements are easy in comparison.
  •  Fill out a pre-interview Google Forms survey to help guide us
  •  Give a 30-60 minute interview in which you answer "What is the most empowering idea you believe all teachers should know?" along with some follow up questions we'll ask based on the pre-interview form. (You can also film this as a solo presentation if you prefer, and provide a 10-20 minute interview with us to add value.)
  •  Approve our one-page summary and action guide that we'll create from your video
  •  Promote the Summit through email and/or social media to your followers with your affiliate link (instructions will be provided).
Key Dates
  •  March 1st - Complete pre-interview survey and schedule an interview
  •  April 1st - Have completed interview
  •  April 10th - Approve our one-page summary of your interview
  •  April 23,24 - Email marketing
  •  April 26-28 - Social media marketing
  •  May 2-3 - Last marketing push for the Summit kickoff
How to have great success:
  •  Offer a great bonus for signing up through your link. It should be something relevant to the Teacher Empowerment Summit that will help your audience get the most out of the event.
  •  Publish on LinkedIn Pulse or blog at least once before the summit begins.
  •  Email at least two times before the summit begins.
  •  Email the day of the summit to remind anyone who was on the fence.
  •  Share on social media frequently! Post about speakers, topics, and what they can learn, etc. Keep the excitement and energy levels high - people want to be entertained and this event will absolutely be both fun and informative!
  •  Use the swipe copy and graphics provided for quick and easy promotions.
Commission Details
  •  Affiliate commission on all VIP Access passes are 40%  of net sales (gross sales - refunds = net sales)
  •  Commissions will be paid out 45 days after the end of a month in which a sale is made. So if someone buys an upgrade on March 1 you are paid on May 15th.
House rules
  •  No cash incentives
  •  No prizes that you have to buy or pay for
  •  No teaming up with others
  •  No cookie stuffing/cookie dropping
  •  No spamming
  •  You must not portray yourself as Teachers Starting Fires (TSF) in your marketing efforts, but make it clear that you're promoting the event as an affiliate partner.
  •  You can be disqualified from the affiliate program if you do not follow the above listed rules. When in doubt, ask!
Reach out to our affiliate manager, Austin Durr at:
Thank You for your support.

We are excited to have you as a partner for the Teacher Empowerment Summit
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