Teacher Empowerment Summit | ONLINE EVENT
Teachers Shouldn't Have To Become Martyrs To Their Profession!
20+ world class educators, principals, and teachers share their expertise about how to thrive in your education career... 

...even if you are totally stressed out and don't think it can get better.
(Please note that the current summit dates are June 28 - 30, 2019)
Day 1: "Self Care"
Daniel "Sunshine" Bauer
Controlling the weather in your classroom and life
Kevin Leichtman
Actively controlling and training a winning mindset for success
Kim Strobel
Research based happiness through daily habits
Lisa Flynn
mastering Mindfulness for teachers and students
Ambrose WB
managing yourself first with the power of healthy habits
Amber Harper
Be your own boss with 8 steps for beating burnout and finding passion
Day 2: "Resources"
It's time for us to 'Reclaim Our Calling' 
The secret to building instructional leadership capacity
learn how to teach with play, purpose, and passion
A blueprint for creating daily magical experiences
using play as a method of behavior education for social and emotional development
Using storytelling to increase engagement
Day 3: Community
Dr. Sanée Bell
Empowering teachers to be excellent on purpose
LaVonna Roth
Empowering teachers to realize the value they bring
Jennifer Abrams
Empowering teachers to find their voice and have 'Hard Conversations'
Sharla Reynolds
Empowering teachers to create more seat time with "Class not Chaos"
Dr. David Franklin
Empowering schools through the possibility of transformation
Allyson Apsey
Empowering teachers to follow the 'Path to Serendipity'
 Becki Cohn-Vargas
Empowering teachers to create identity safety and a caring community
In this once-in-a-lifetime event, world class teachers and educators are sharing their best tools and strategies to help you thrive as a teacher and love your career, classroom, and life in 2019 
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Here's Why This Summit Is Amazing...
This is an event filled with people who believe that teachers shouldn't have to become martyrs to the cause of educating the next generation. 
Day 1
Empower Yourself:
Lead, Learn, Live
Who has time to care about themselves? You do! Or at least you will after you see 7+ hours of instantly applicable tips to build the habits of mindfulness, purpose, control, and adaptability you need to face every day ready for any adventure!

Tips and methods from professional happiness coaches, yoga-in-the-classroom masters, and international experts on building joy in your own life and classroom will have you cherishing your job on a whole new level! 
Day 2
Perfect Your Resources:
Minimize, Master, Maintain
Tired of trendy catch phrases that just put what you already know into different words? Instead of changing what we call old ideas our experts reveal how to build gamification, the power of play, the physical and emotional tidiness of "Kondoing" a classroom, and whole learner education into every moment in your classroom. 

Any one of these interviews could make you mind explode with possibilities. Watching all of them will supercharge your Teacher heart.
Day 3
Empower Your Team:
Trust, Depend, Succeed
Teachers and principals face the daily challenge and isolation of spending much of their life as the primary decision maker in potentially a stressful environment. A lot of responsibility rests on our shoulders and it's time we learn to share it and support one another. 

Our team of experts deliver methods they've taught around the world for helping educators support one another, have difficult conversations, thrive from productive conflict, and connect with other inspiring teachers.
What you'll learn...
Self Care Like A Boss
We all know that self-care is important, but all too often knowledge isn't enough. Our experts will speak from their own experience and share the best and most practical tips for keeping your hair from going grey too early.
Master Your Tools
It does no good to have a hammer if you don't know how to use it. It is even worse if you can only use it poorly! Mastery of tools from pedagogy to technology is essential, and our experts on this subject are excited to share what works... and what doesn't!
Build A Team 
(Not A Kingdom)
A team centered approach to education is one that considers the school and classrooms to be a learning community. It is a shift in thinking that treats students like team members with an important role to play in the overall success... or struggles... of the team.
20+ World Class Educators Share Their Top
"Empowerment Secrets" for Teachers 
Why Should You Attend 
This Online Summit?
1. Your ticket is FREE (a $597 value)
Many 5-day conferences of this size and quality would cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to attend. We are giving you a free pass to see every presentation because we want these ideas to spread and don't have the same overhead costs as running an in-person seminar (such as venue rental or catering).
2. Learn from world class teachers and education experts
We have personally hand-picked 20+ successful teachers, educators, and content experts who are going to teach you the latest strategies and tools for taking care of yourself, mastering your tools, and turning your classroom or school into a learning community.

This is NOT a bunch of theory, contrived acronyms, or repainted jargon. You are going to learn practical, real-world strategies that are being used right now in schools all across the world. Furthermore, we will walk you through how to implement them into your own school and get fast results.
3. Learn from the comfort of your home (or commute, classroom, coffee shop, or tree house)
Conferences are expensive and time consuming - but they don't have to be. In fact, you won't even need to leave your favorite computer spot to attend this online event! All you need is a computer or a smartphone, and an internet connection. 
This event is for you if...
You got into teaching because of the belief that a good education is one of the most valuable gifts that we can give to the upcoming generations. 

You came ready to inspire, to motivate, to create passion and wonder...

And you've found a reality that is very different from that idealized vision...
  • You are tired of feeling over worked and under appreciated...
  • You feel stressed out, caught between the demands of parents and administration and the real needs of students...
  • ​You feel like you just never have enough time, resources, energy...
  • ​But even with all those difficulties you believe that...
You deserve to be 
happy, healthy, and fulfilled!
At Teachers Starting Fires we hand pick the very best talent - educators with proven track records of success and transformation - to share their expertise with you.

How do we know our expertise will deliver results?
Because the tools and tactics our experts teach have been field tested in their own classrooms, schools, and lives with proven results.

Most of our speakers are in high demand for conferences, consulting, or their own classrooms. Because of that, one-on-one time with them would be nearly impossible. They’re people who are actively engaged every day in teaching, or working with teachers.

These are the educators that we think you can learn the most from.

With a talent pool from schools around the world our speakers have already helped thousands of teachers thrive. Will you be one of them this time?

Your Summit Hosts

Austin Durr & Jesse Greaves-Smith
Austin Durr
Austin specializes in experiential education and has spent ten years doing curriculum design and teacher training for organizations such as the U.S. Peace Corps, Maharishi University of Management, Boy Scouts of Denver, and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. He was once a member of the "most popular bluegrass band in South Korea." 
Jesse had years of experience in outdoor leadership education before receiving a MA in C&I. Since then, he has focused his efforts on bringing engaging and education opportunities to students in Denver. In his free time Jesse is a member of an improv comedy group and a salsa dance instructor.
Jesse Greaves-Smith
20+ world class teachers and educators share their best tools and strategies for thriving as a teacher - and loving your career, classroom, and life in 2019 
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