Are You Ready To Get Off The Teacher Treadmill?
20 Interviews Help Teachers Stop Stressing, Get Back Their Time, And Love Their Jobs
After 4 years of 10-hour days, coming home stressed out and exhausted, fighting burnout, and being ready to quit, I interviewed 20 teachers, coaches, and principles and learned how to change my life as an educator.

I asked everyone:
"What is the most empowering message that you can share with teachers today?"
And you can watch their answers today.
Dr. Sanée Bell
Empowering teachers to be excellent on purpose
Empowering teachers to realize the value they bring


How "Slow Teaching" can restore well being and purpose to your classroom and life 
It's time for us to 'Reclaim Our Calling' 
Empowering teachers to find their voice and have 'Hard Conversations'
Controlling the weather in your classroom and life
The secret to building instructional leadership capacity
Research based happiness through daily habits
mastering Mindfulness for teachers and students
managing yourself first with the power of healthy habits
Be your own boss with 8 steps for beating burnout and finding passion
Sharla Reynolds
Empowering teachers to create more seat time with "Class not Chaos"
Actively controlling and training a winning mindset for success
learn how to teach with play, purpose, and passion
A blueprint for creating daily magical experiences
Dr. Becki Cohn-Vargas
Empowering teachers to create identity safety and a caring community
using play as a method of behavior education for social and emotional development
Using storytelling to increase engagement
Dr. David Franklin
Empowering schools through the possibility of transformation
Allyson Apsey
Empowering teachers to follow the 'Path to Serendipity'
Carin Paupore
Engaging Online Team Building Tools
20+ Interviews to Reset Your Career 
This event is for you if...
While interviewing these educators I learned tips, tricks, and mindsets that I want to share with you no matter how many years you've been teaching, or if you're just about to start.

You might be like me if you joined the profession ready to inspire, to motivate, to create passion and wonder...

And you've found a reality that is very different from that idealized vision...

Do these sound familiar?
  • You are tired of feeling over worked with no end in sight...
  • You feel stressed out, caught between the demands of parents, administration, and the real needs of students...
  • ​You feel like you just never have enough time, energy, resources...
  • ​But even with all those difficulties you believe that...
You deserve to be 
happy, healthy, and fulfilled!
Will These answers work for you?
When I set our to interview educators I had two requirements: They needed to be thriving in their own careers and lives, and their advice needed to already be working for other teachers and principles around the world.

These experts fit that bill, and years after I talked to them their advice is still improving my life. They'll do the same for you.

Almost all these speakers are in high demand for conferences (or were when conferences were still a thing. 2020, right?), consulting, or their own classrooms. They’re people who are actively engaged every day in teaching, or working with teachers. 

I know first hand that setting up one-on-one time with them would take you a full year. Let me save you that time and just share their answers.

The experts I interviewed have already helped thousands of teachers thrive. 

Will you let yourself be one of them today?

What will you learn?
While 20 hours of expert content - mainly focused on actionable steps - can't be summarized in a few words, 
I did divide the interviews into three main categories based on my own outdoor education experience. 
When you're in the wilderness (which describes quite a few classrooms and schools) you only have your self, your team, and your resources.


These speakers gave me methods for reducing your stress levels, increasing mental and physical health, scientifically increasing your base levels of happiness, and making sure you're in peak condition to lead your students.


These speakers helped be see my students and co-workers as members of my own personal team, and gave me tactics to elicit team behavior even from the difficult ones (students and co-workers).


These speakers opened my eyes to sources and uses of resources I never thought about. They let me understand the two different ways I've seen teachers react to difficult situations, and will teach you how to choose the road of possibility instead of limitation.
MEET Your Summit Hosts
Austin Durr & Jesse Greaves-Smith
Austin Durr
Austin specializes in experiential education and has spent ten years doing curriculum design and teacher training for organizations such as the U.S. Peace Corps, Maharishi University of Management, Boy Scouts of Denver, and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. He was once a member of the "most popular bluegrass band in South Korea." 
Jesse had years of experience in outdoor leadership education before receiving an MA in C&I. Since then, he has focused his efforts on bringing engaging and education opportunities to students in Denver. In his free time Jesse is a member of an improv comedy group and a salsa dance instructor.
Jesse Greaves-Smith
20+ world class teachers and educators share their best tools and strategies for thriving as a teacher - and loving your career, classroom, and life in 2020 
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